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The author of this blog, Anniina, is a high school teacher and student counsellor from Espoo, Southern Finland. She is married and a mother of two.

Anniina calls herself a Peak Year Rider, which is the finnish name of the blog. It´s not always easy to manage with a full time job, a horse and a family. These things are probably the same everywhere. People like Anniina fill there life with the need to go somewhere witch leads to a terrible rush, when you are always on the run!

Unfortunatelu she lost her horse, Tintti, in october 2014 and has no horse of her own right now.

Something about Anniina:

"I was born in Lappeenranta, Finland. My parents are born in the countryside, but I have always lived in a city. I fell in love with the horses when I was 9 years old. At the age of 13 I won the district championships in show jumping in pony series but shortly after that realized it is not possible for me to have a pony of my own. My parents just couldn´t afford it because we were living in a city. So, it seemed easier to quit. I took a total break of 15 years.

Just before I graduated from the University of Helsinki, faculty of theology (major: bible studies, minor: religious education), I started riding again. After 6 months I had found my Tintti, whom I bought to myself two years later.

In September 2012 Tintti was tested for PPID (Cushing's disease) and the result was positive. We did not let this put us off, and soon we moved to the yard of Cajus Aminoff, a legendary finnish event rider. We trained there until it was time to let Tintti go in october 2014.

My husband is more involved with the horses than he wants to be. But I guess that´s what happens if you are married to a horse nut!"

Contact me via e-mail ruuhkavuosiratsastaja (at)
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